Monday, May 31, 2010

Holly Harp

While my bf surfs the internet looking for info on Snoop Dog songs or plasma screen TVs, I spend my spare surf time googling the fashion world. Today's venture? Mary Kate Olsen. I love her slumpy yet chic style which is always one stiletto ahead of the times.

In parusing the internet for samples of Mary Kate's fierce fashion, I came across this photo of her in an amazing vintage Holly Harp design. I love the drop-waste and the flowy-effortless-ness of the dress's form. Holly Harp was a fashion designer who's influence resonated with hippie-culture. Flowy and silky designs were characteristic of her aesthetic. I remember my mother mentioning her name back in the 80's and owning a few pieces of her designs. Altogether, I find this number uber-chic, inspiring, and somewhat nostalgic.