Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Apparel Love...


One of my best friends introduced me to A.A. during a visit to ATL a few years ago…and it was love at first site. With clothes ranging from the funky to the basic, I found my own niche of style amongst the assortment of terry-cloth spanky-pants and skin-tight dresses…

The following are the essential A.A. items the I love, lust for, and am never satisfied without having them in every color….

#1) Sheer-Luxe Over-the-Knee Sock (heart design)

A cute yet savvy addition to pair with the interlock pencil skirt and some calf-high black boots.

Interlock Pencil Skirt
Office casual or night club chic. Pick your color and coordinate with a collared shirt, basic cami, and a contrasting sash.

#3) Pelham Eyeglasses.
Book-worm chic. Need I say more?

#4) Unisex Stripe Short Sleeve Button-Up Shirt.
Love the fact that this is unisex.The vertical strips make it a slimming plus.

#5) Stripe Shiny Denim Duffle Bag.
Pink, gold, and striped. I'm in love.

#6) Unisex Fleece Zip Jogger.
A snuggly-figure-flattering option that works for a casual outing or lounging around. The numerous color options are perfect for mixing and matching.

#7) Loop Terry Running Short.
Remember the early 80's when NBA players' shorts left people wondering how they didnt "lose baggage control"? A.A.'s terry-cloth version of these are perfect for showing off the boo-tay. I love rockin' these around the house or to the beach.

#8) The Thigh-High Sock.

Regardless of your size (i'm a size 16 right now with THICK thighs), they can easily be worn as long-johns in the winter or to pair with the loop-terry short to lounge around the house.

#9) Chambray Jumper Pant.

Looks beyond fabulous paired with a steep pair of pumps and chunky accessories.

#10) Acid-Wash Circle Scarf.

Most never thought acid-wash would ever return. Alas, A.A.'s take on this resurrected trend with this scarf is a simple yet fashionable way to mix a little acid-wash into your life. And with A.A.'s 20-different-ways-to-wear-it, you can find a way to love it in your own wardrobe.