Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bestest Cookies EVERRR!


I've been a long-time fan of REALLY good food, especially sweets. In 2006 I was introduced to the wonderful world of organic foods and have since sought to discover the best tasting organic foods out there. In my quest, among the grass-fed beef and stone-ground wheats, I discovered these AMAZING cookies.

The packaging does not do them any justice. One whole cookie consists of two peanuty-buttery-shortbread-style cookies sandwiching a creamy, flavorful layer of peanut butter. You can eat them Oreo-style by eating one half by itself then licking off the creamy center or by taking one sumptuous bite of crunch and cream altogether. I enjoy mine both ways with a glass of 2% organic milk. Yum!

If you love cookies, these are by far the best I've ever tasted...even better than Nutter Butters!!! No offense, Nabisco.

Organic, peanut-buttery, and super-tasty, who wouldnt LOVE? Try 'em and let me know what you think...

(..can be found at your local Hannaford Supermarkets (east coast) and Walmart also has them).